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The long-term growth of the construction machinery

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June 28 morning, the China petrochemical group wuhan flags fluttered over 800000 tons/year ethylene project site, flying banner, crane macrobrachia into the blue sky, by the integration of the tenth construction company of sinopec hoisting wuhan ethylene and supporting engineering general contracting management of large equipment hoisting ceremony was held at the construction site.XGC 28000 crawler crane is used as the main hoisting machine in the first hoisting ceremony, and it is fully applied in the hoisting of the large equipment of this project.
The equipment for the first lifting ceremony was the first extract of the distillation tower c-101, which was 78.168 meters high and 3.8 meters in diameter.At 9:17 PM, the first hoisting ceremony began with the command of the hoisting commander.The ceremony site machine roar, various construction work is orderly.The XGC28000 crawler crane, with the close cooperation of 300 tons of tail crane, smoothly hoisting the first distillation tower to the equipment base, the whole ceremony is safe, smooth and successful.
China petrochemical group wuhan 800000 tons/year ethylene and supporting project is approved by the national development and reform commission (NDRC), the first major project of the construction of the areas of central China, is the symbol of the nation to adjust industrial layout of major projects.The project is an important step to improve the layout of ethylene industry in China and strengthen the petrochemical industry from the east to the middle and west.It will be of great strategic significance to improve the distribution of ethylene industry in China, adapt to the market demand of petrochemical products in the central region, and enhance the safety of petrochemical industry.
As the "iron army" in the petrochemical construction industry, the tenth construction company of sinopec group is one of the best in China with its hoisting capacity and performance.This exclusive wuhan ethylene large equipment hoisting transportation engineering, total lifting weight is expected to more than 33000 tons, the total volume is expected to more than 20000 tons, again to refresh the historical record of the domestic hoisting transportation contract quantity, marked the tenth construction company of sinopec's hoisting of general contracting management and construction organization able to continue in the domestic leading position.
Xugong group has led the development of engineering machinery industry in 22 years and now ranks 7th in the world engineering machinery industry.As the self-developed XGC28000 crawler crane, it is the most advanced hoisting equipment in China, with the maximum lifting torque of 28,000 tons.The success of the model to enable broke the large tonnage crawler crane completely on the market at present the situation of monopoly by foreign enterprises, brought the new breakthrough in the development and manufacture of large tonnage crawler crane, marked the our country large hoisting equipment research and development capabilities have really reached the international advanced level, will certainly to speed up the development of construction enterprises in our country, to promote the ability of construction enterprises in China to a new level.
The first hoisting ceremony and domestic biggest tonnage crane opening ceremony a great success, both because the tenth construction company of sinopec excellent organizational ability of lifting and lifting construction technology, has also benefited from XCMG XGC28000 type crane reliable quality and good performance.
The construction company of the 10th construction company and xugong group of China petrochemical corporation said that it would take the east wind of the first lifting ceremony to lift the climax of the construction of heavy equipment hoisting.

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